Coronavirus Update

We’re in this together…

Dear Valued Customer,

The past few months have proved to be the most challenging of times from both a business and personal perspective.  From the bushfires in early January to the Coronavirus now spreading throughout the country, things have never been so hard.

Like many of our customers and competitors, Phoenix Distribution has seen massively decreased orders over the past couple of weeks. The current situation with the Coronavirus, with its unprecedented uncertainty could for many of us be the “straw that breaks the camel’s back”. There will be many challenging days and months are ahead of us, so what to do?

My first thoughts and priorities are with our staff (and suppliers). It’s all too easy to throw in the towel, however the personal cost to my amazing team would be instant and only accelerate the problems facing the country over the next 6 months. We therefore need to ride out the next few months in any way possible and I am determined to keep trading and come out of this situation in a stronger, healthier position.

I am aware that we are all in this together. Our reduced orders are only a reflection of what is happening in retail across the country. Uncertainty breads uncertainty and I am aware that people are scared, and discretionary spending is down. However, when things start to settle, the types of books and services we provide will become a lifeline to so many people in the community. In the GFC of 2008, sales of self-help books actually increased. In times of crisis, many people look for help and the types of product and services we provide will be valuable in the healing process across the country.

Our first priority over the coming few weeks are to increase cash flow. I am saddened by the response of a handful of customers with regards to outstanding invoices, particularly those who owe us money from November and December last year. If you can’t pay, we do understand, however please contact us to arrange a sensible payment plan that keeps us all in business. I know that trading is uncertain and tough, however please spare a thought for how we (and subsequently our suppliers) will survive if payment for goods already received (and in most cases sold) are not paid for in full.

As of Monday 23rd March 2020,  we will be offering 44% discount off the RRP to ALL our customers who pay up front via Credit Card. Credit cards will only be charged when stock is actually despatched. Any back orders will not be charged until despatch. It is with regret that we will only be offering credit terms with those customers who have been trading with Phoenix Distribution for at least 1 year and have a good history of repayment. This may cause an inconvenience to some of you, however until the current circumstances I hope you understand. We have also temporarily suspended online payments by PAYPAL as we cannot guarantee that all stocks will be available at time of purchase. We can still accept PAYPAL payments, however we will at first send you a pro-forma invoice for what is being despatched. Payments by PayPal can be made to

We will also be reducing our stocks on non-key lines.  This may show a number of titles to be out of stock and available for back order only. Please continue to order titles that are listed as “back order” as we are going to increase the regularity of ordering with our suppliers and will ship free of charge as soon as an item comes back into stock.

Finally, with immediate effect we will be reducing our opening hours from 9.00am to 3.00pm (EST) until further notice. If you need to get hold of us, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as we re-open.

I would like to thank everyone for your support, friendship and loyalty over the many years. We are blessed with so many wonderful customers that even in these uncertain times, I know that everything is going to be OK. Thank you for helping us get through this difficult time.