1001 Plants You Must Grow Before You Die

An invaluable guide for anyone who wishes to grow plants.

With limited space and time to care for plants, it is important to be selective. 1001 Plants You Must Grow Before You Die features species suitable for the smallest spaces, from windowsills to yards. There are also selections to provide seasonal interest in a suburban plot, as well as tasty edibles for vegetable patches and herb gardens. It will steer you through the hype of marketing to find the most rewarding plants – and, along the way, you’ll discover what characteristics to look for when choosing varieties.

The selected plants delight the senses. Edibles produce ripe fruits, tender vegetables, or fresh herbs. Ornamental plants provide beauty in flower, foliage colour, or evocative scents. Some have a pleasing architectural shape or a contrast in texture – from sharp spines on cacti to leaves so soft you can stroke them. Other entries concern suriosities of the plant world that make great talking points.

The flowers, tress and herbs are selected by an expert team of garden writers and plant lovers – but with the home gardener in mind. The book is the equivalent of a knowledgeable friend on hand for when you browse garden centres or search online for seeds and plants. Some of the 1001 are quick to delight; others look after themselves year on year. A further few present rewarding challenges.

‘Right plant, right place’ is the mantra of many gardeners. This originally meant to choose plants that will thrive in the conditions available. These days, there are further considerations, including the effects plants have on the wider world, over the garden fences. 1001 Plants You Must Grow Before You Die therefore features guidance and sources for readers who wish to consider these aspects too.


Title: 1001 Plants You Must Grow Before You Die
Publisher: Murdoch Books
Author: Dobbs Liz
ISBN: 9781743364567
Format: HardCover
Publication Date: 01/11/2016
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