12,000 Dreams Interpreted Journal

Did you know that Paul McCartney wrote Yesterday after hearing the melody in a dream? Or that the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1936 went to Otto Loewi … who derived his award-winning ideas from a fortuitous dream? For a window into your most inspiring and imaginative thoughts, look to your dreams. To remember those dreams, count on this gifty journal. Rich in information from the bestselling 12,000 Dreams Interpreted, each page reveals the fantastic meanings of quotidian objects and occurrences that surface in your reveries. Keep it handy so you can jot down the details as you awake.


Title: 12,000 Dreams Interpreted Journal
Publisher: Sterling Publishing
Author: Hindman Miller Gustavus & Shields Linda & Skomal Lenore
ISBN: 9781454913375
Format: Paperback
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