Absorbing the Essence – Book & DVD

‘Absorbing the Essence’ comprises the Qigong cultivation techniques that were taught to Simon by Grand Master Zhong Yunlong the Abbott of The Purple Cloud Temple at Wudang Mountain. Wudangshan is one of the sacred Daoist Mountains of China and is renowned for the development of Taiji.

This book is for the intermediate student and for people with experience in meditation. It contains three sections: 1. Warm up – preparation movements; 2. Wudang Longevity Qigong – this sequence of gentle, flowing movements stimulates the Heavenly Orbit, absorbing the primordial energy from the environment and letting the negativity dissolve into the distance; 3. Ba Duan Jin, Nurturing Life Qigong – this 30-minute sequence includes eight sections with exercises to stimulate different organs and meridians of the body. It is practised in a seated position on a chair or cushion – ideal for people who have discomfort whilst standing. DVD total running time: 60 minutes.

Simon Blow of Australia has twice travelled (1999,2000) to Mt Wudang Shan Taoist Wushu College, to learn Taiji Hunyuan Zhuang (Longevity) Qigong and Badajin Nurturing Life Qigong and through his study has absorbed the essence of these teachings. Therefore I specially grant Simon the authority to teach these, spreading the knowledge of these Qigong methods he has learnt at Mt Wudang to contribute to the well-being of the human race. May the Meritorious Deeds Be Infinite. Grand Master Zhong Yunlong Taoist Priest and Director, Mt Wudang Shan Taoist Wushu College, China September 24, 2000

The Chinese healing arts have a long proud history of over 5000 thousand years, the art consists primarily of meditation, relaxation, physical movement, mind-body integration and breathing exercises. There are thousands of different styles and systems either done standing, moving, walking, sitting or lying, Tai Chi is one popular style. Australian Qigong Master Teacher Simon Blow has created a unique series of Books, DVDs and guided meditation CDs incorporating his own healing journey from a near fatal accident at the age of nineteen to becoming an inspiring internationally renowned teacher. He has studied at monasteries in the sacred mountains of China, with Qigong Grand Masters and at a Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in China. The exercises and meditations are presented in a clear easy to follow format, incorporating history, theory and inspiring stories of those who have improved their quality of life from practising this ancient healing art. This is not self defence martial arts but movement and meditation everyone can benefit from Qigong regardless of age, health or fitness. Simon Blow is an author of numerous books, DVDs and Audio CDs about this ancient healing art. He has been a full time professional teacher (Laoshi) since 1992; he has received training and certification from Traditional Hospitals and Daoist Monasteries in China and has been given authority to share these techniques. Simon has been initiated into Dragon Gate Daoism and given the name of Xin Si meaning Genuine Wisdom and is a 29th Generation of the ancient Dayan Wild Goose Qigong. He also is a Standing Council Member of The World Academic Society of Medical Qigong, Beijing China.


Title: Absorbing the Essence - Book & DVD
Publisher: Genuine Wisdom Centre
Author: Simon Blow
ISBN: 9780975048085
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/06/2012
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