CD: Affirmations 2Cd (no longer available)

Creating the Life You Want Through Thought, Word and Action The organizations and workings of the world are mostly designed to take away our power, dampening our ability to dominate our destiny. We can rise above this. Stuart Wilde in this highly successful audio does not dally about with nice words to voice to yourself, but rather serves up a magnificent battle plan whereby you learn to expand the power you already have, in order to win back control over your life. Covered are affirmations of: word, thought, action, power, feeling, essence, abundance and creativity. Plus insights into understanding your word as law, your craft, silent power, fluidity, intention and dedication. This is considered to be one of Stuart Wilde?s very best audio discussions, where he imparts some of his most poignant and affecting knowledge. Tracks 1 to 9: Discussion (124mins) 1: Freedom and individuality 2: Energy; clearing out the old; change and looking within 3: Affirmations of power; thought forms and consciousness 4: Developing intention, dedication and inventiveness; your craft; understanding people 5: Creating energy; your word as law; affirmations of word 6: Affirmations of abundance and creativity; nature and creating your power affirmations; affirmations at night and sleep 7: Five ways to develop thought empowerment 8. Affirmations of feeling 9: Fluidity and affirmations of essence. ————————————————————————————————— Note from James Wild: This is one of the best recordings we have from Stuart Wilde in the discussions series. It covers a lot of ground – not just affirmations but a thorough examination of spirtuality and metaphysical philosophy that will give you the power to step up to change and inventiveness. Strongly recommended.


Title: CD: Affirmations 2Cd (no longer available)
Publisher: Quiet Earth
Author: Stuart Wilde
Format: CD
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