DVD: Alchemical Healing

The Alchemical Healing DVD is a sort of personal salon lecture with Nikki Skully, a shamanic healer in the tradition of Thoth. Skully holds forth, with grounded and bright-eyed enthusiasm, from an inviting, altar-like set of rich reds, earth tones and sacred objects, seated with the belonging of a spot on a leopard.

Her garb seems continuous with the set, and is a testimony to her passionate involvement in life and its dance of myriad textures. Speaking as if to a single person, she shares her personal perspective on healing in general, on her work and her own healing from cancer. Interspersed is footage of sacred sites where she has led trainings around the world.

She leads the viewer through two powerful healing visualizations, here called empowerments. While the content and her delivery may seem far-out to viewers who have not walked a way down their own shamanic path, and while to those who have, it may offer little new insight, it is a personal, genuine, inspiring and articulate affirmation of life’s mystery and potential.


Title: DVD: Alchemical Healing
Publisher: Sacred Mysteries
Author: Scully Nicki
ISBN: 809573960298
Format: DVD
Publication Date: 01/06/2012
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