DVD: Alchemy Of Qigong Vol 2

This DVD builds the foundation for a solid energy yoga practice. It helps develop the deep horse stances which are an essential part of Shaolin Qigong. Shaolin is the ancient Buddhist temple in China where great masters trained in the arts of energy cultivation and profound meditation. The basis of this work is predicated on the cultivation of the Bodymind as one cohesive unit. The Qigong taught in this DVD is designed to help bridge the perceived gap between body, mind, and spirit in the practitioner. It is an active moving form of meditation that teaches us to discover our internal power and gain further focus and insight in our daily lives. This volume is designed to bring up the energy in the body, connect the willpower to that force, and teach us to calm the mind while in specific postures. It becomes the springboard for a healthy alchemical practice which is anchored in the physical body.


Title: DVD: Alchemy Of Qigong Vol 2
Publisher: Sacred Mysteries
Author: Shojal Pedram
ISBN: 809573962193
Format: DVD
Publication Date: 01/06/2012
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