Aloha Kitchen

From a Maui native and popular food blogger, this beautiful cookbook of 85 fresh and sunny recipes reflects the major cultures that have influenced Hawaiian food over time: Native Hawaiian, Japanese, Filipino, Portuguese, Chinese, and Korean.

In Aloha Kitchen, blogger Alana Kysar takes you into the homes, restaurants, and farms of Hawaii, exploring the cultural and agricultural influences that have made dishes like plate lunch and poke a hit with mainlanders. Using history, local knowledge, and aloha spirit, Kysar introduces Hawaiian staples like saimin, steamed pork buns, shaved ice, macadamia-crusted mahi mahi, and lillikoi chiffon pie, tracing their geographic roots and history on the islands.

As a Maui native, Kysar gained access to the kitchens and hearts of this enchanting destination, sharing recipes influenced by cultures around the world that Hawaii locals have made their own. With transporting photography, accessible recipes, and engaging writing, Kysar paints an intimate and enlightening portrait of Hawaii and its cultural heritage.


Title: Aloha Kitchen
Publisher: Random House USA
Author: Alana Kysar
ISBN: 9780399581366
Format: Hardcover
Publication Date: 01/07/2017