DVD: Anatomy For Beginners

Controversial anatomist Dr. Gunther von Hagens lays bare the intricacy and beauty of the human design and lifts the lid on the mysteries of our own bodies. At the heart of each programme is a human dissection, carried out by controversial anatomist Dr. Guther von Hagens, and commentary by pathologist Professor John A. Lee. Movement – Demonstration of muscles, skin, tendons, bone and the nervous system. Circulation – Workings of the respiratory and circulatory systems are revealed. Digestion – Explore the function of the organs that digest our food. Reproduction – Dissection of the reproductive systems of a man and a woman.

Anatomy is not a scientific theory or a political fashion. It doesn’t change from year to year and its position as the bedrock on which modern medicine has been built doesn’t alter. It is, quite simply, the study of the way we are made.

Rated: MA 15

Duration: 200 mins.

Released: 2006


Title: DVD: Anatomy For Beginners
Publisher: Madman
Author: Von Hagens Gunther
Format: DVD
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