CD: Ancient Wisdoms Cd

The Path of the Unknown Sages In this audio Stuart Wilde discusses the evolutions of mankind through the great civilizations of Egypt, Lemuria and China and talks of cataclysms that have heralded new evolutions for the earth plane. He deals with Taoist philosophy, the initiates and the esoteric concepts of the unknown sages. You will also learn about the mystery of dying and rising again in ancient cultures and the secrets of Atlantis. Moreover, Stuart Wilde gives you techniques for using the Ancient Wisdoms in your life to enable you to go beyond restriction, release negativity and develop a special but silent strength. Tracks 1 to 1: Discussion (51mins) 1: Evolution of the earth and humanity 2: Initiates of Atlantis and Egypt 3: The mystery of dying and rising again 4: Touching upon the energy of the ancients 5: Death and rebirth of the Divinity within 6: Beyond restriction and creating your sanctuary 7: Ancient wisdoms and inner light 8: No defence of self and releasing negativity 9: Establishing a strong identity of self 1: Physical and emotional discipline and balance ———————————————————————————————— Note from James Wild: Fascinating information from Stuart on esoteric and religious history and how you can apply the ancient wisdoms to your everday life. If you are interested in the great civilizations of the world, the initiate energy and taoist philosophy then this would be perfect.


Title: CD: Ancient Wisdoms Cd
Publisher: Quiet Earth
Author: Stuart Wilde
Format: CD
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