Angel Affirmations 2018 Calendar

Lovely, uplifting illustrations of angels and other heavenly beings are paired with motivating affirmations and messages channeled from Angel Lady Doreen Virtue. The Law of Free Will says that the angels can only help you when you ask them, or give them permission to, yet many people say that they forget to ask for their angels’ help. This calendar offers daily reminders to ask for your angels’ assistance with anything and everything.

All the entries within come directly from the angels, so when you see the words we and us, know that the angels are personally speaking to you and are bringing you comfort, guidance, and Heavenly love. By reading their words daily, you’ll be immersed in the sweet energy of their love. This will help you be more aware of your own guardian angels’ messages for you.


Title: Angel Affirmations 2018 Calendar
Publisher: Hay House
Author: Doreen Virtue
ISBN: 9781401952686
Format: Calendar
Publication Date: 01/07/2017
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