Art of Making Sex Sacred (book CD)

Whether you are currently in an intimate relationship or preparing for one, as a seeker of spiritual ecstasy, you will find informaiton in this manual for reclaiming self-reverence and respect, gaining self-awareness, rejuvenating one`s sexual health, and rebuilding intimacy. Included are meditations and exercises for couples to enhance communication, support healing, and allow the experience of blissful lovemaking. Yogi Bhajan answers delicate questions in each chapter, couples tell stories, and special foods and recipes designed to enhance the experience of sex are included. The last chapter, among the new additions to this Second Edition, is full of tips from the author`s 37 years of marriage and counseling experience.


Title: Art of Making Sex Sacred (book + CD)
Publisher: Spirit Voyage
Author: Joti Kaur Khalsa Jivan
ISBN: BKS009209
Format: Paperback
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