CD: Assertiveness 2Cd

Create the Life You Have Always Wanted Some might say that assertiveness is not kind or spiritual. While you may demand certain things in life, does it therefore mean you would fail to be a kind and loving person? No. It does not. All it says is that you will not compromise in one or two areas of your life, for those aspects are sacred to you. Stuart Wilde writes, The greatest power available to us other than love, is the force of our will projected correctly. Use this audio to learn how to hone your will so that life gives you what you want, with no other excuse, reason or apology other than you demand it. CD1: Discussion (7 Tracks – 54mins) 1: The spiritual quest 2: Freedom, detachment and your sacred life 3: Assertiveness and reconciling who you are 4: Pulling away from external opinion/emotion 5: A practical exercise in asserting yourself 6: Assertiveness, peddling backwards and silence 7: Assertiveness and compromise CD2: Discussion (1 Tracks – 56mins) 1: Going beyond the setbacks 2: The power of your will 3. Evaluating – your 3 greatest successes 4. Evaluating – Empedocles? strife and it?s value 5. Strengthening desire and clarity 6. A meaningless task – follow through 7. An exercise to strengthen your will 8: Developing a natural flow in life 9: Living your strength and facing the fear 1: Overview


Title: CD: Assertiveness 2Cd
Publisher: Quiet Earth
Author: Stuart Wilde
Format: CD
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