Subtitled ‘An Odyssey from the Big Bang to Life on Earth…and Beyond’, ATOM tells the story of matter from the perspective of a single oxygen atom. Not only is matter constantly changing – or ‘morphing’ – but it was created at the beginning of the universe and will cease to exist only when our universe does. In ATOM, Krauss describes the journey of a single oxygen atom throughout our universe. Starting with its emergence at the Big Bang, Krauss will show how atoms were then forged in the nuclear furnaces of stars. From there, the reader will follow the atom as it travels across the Milky Way, and finally arrives on Earth, where it finds itself located in a drop of water, perhaps in the next glass of water you will drink. Along the way, Krauss supplies provocative reflections on the bigger questions, such as the origins of DNA (on a comet ) and the place of atoms in our everyday life. A clever combination of cutting-edge science and everyday phenomena, ATOM allows us to see both in a new light – through a glass, but not darkly!


Title: Atom
Publisher: Abacus
Author: Krauss Lawrence
ISBN: 9780349114835
Format: Paperback
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