CD: Attracting Money Cd

Create a Life of Financial Freedom Would you like to create a life of financial freedom and security? To truly close the spiritual gap between what you need and what you actually create? Here Stuart Wilde gives you practical and spirited information on raising your abundance and creating an expectancy of financial freedom – your ultimate destiny. He dispells the myths surrounding wealth that many of us shoulder, holding us back from enjoying a fruitful life. This will not only set you on your path to wealth, but create a life of creativity and inner balance that is greatly needed in the world. Tracks 1 to 12: Discussion (58mins) 1: Metaphysics, spirituality and money 2: Abundance as your inner life 3: Religion, poverty and hoarding money 4: Financial freedom and creativity 5: Beliefs, needs and getting in control 6: A short review 7: Marketplace, plan, product and the restroom 8: Being unique and selling your energy 9: Technique for creating ideas 1: Your purpose and inner balance 11: The myth of working hard and negotiating 12: Releasing the emotion and limitless money ———————————————————————————————————- Note from James Wild: This recording was made some time ago and in the light of what has been occuring in the financial markets of late the information here rings true now just as much as it did then. I have always liked Stuart’s approach to wealth and abundance because he sees money in a metaphysical light – not just something to earn and hoard or spend but something to experience with celebration in mind and heart. While I don’t agree with every bit of information here, most of it resonates with me markedly.


Title: CD: Attracting Money Cd
Publisher: Quiet Earth
Author: Stuart Wilde
Format: CD
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