Awaken: A Guide To Inner Peace & Enlightenment

We are all searching for meaning and greater depth to our lives.

Taking ageless spiritual teachings and bringing them into a new light, this book is essential for anyone seeking spiritual consciousness and enlightenment. There is one truth and one right path and in eloquent and simple terms Brett Jones places these before you.

Many seek the right path but the ego prevents most from obtaining it. Awaken provides great insight into the intent and workings of the ego in all its forms. It will enlighten and awaken you to move beyond it to true internal peace.

Practical exercises accompany the understandings and teachings that will show you how to maintain a background of peace and happiness in your life and to follow your ultimate journey.

The journey of connection to the divine.


Title: Awaken: A Guide To Inner Peace & Enlightenment
Publisher: Enlightened Publications
Author: Brett Jones
ISBN: 9780646936482
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/03/2016
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