Awakening The Brain (HC)

An awakened brain allows you to live life from the optimal brain state, discover your broadest range of skills, and unleash the growth and potential that too often lies dormant. Drawing from her unique background as a neuropsychologist and former nun, Charlotte Tomaino explores the impact of belief and spirituality on the actual function and structure of the brain. Through effective, hands-on exercises, Tomaino gives us the tools to expand our consciousness, raise our awareness, and fully utilize the power of the brain to create the life we desire. As a clinical neuropsychologist, Tomaino has helped hundreds of patients develop practical solutions for the loss of brain function due to trauma, which gives her remarkable insight into the potential for us all. Now, with Awakening the Brain, she teaches us to unleash this latent power and live up to our full potential. Tomaino, who has garnered broad media attention for her ground-breaking work in neuroscience, explains the basic workings of the brain in direct, simple language. No science classes required.


Title: Awakening The Brain (HC)
Publisher: Beyond Words
Author: Tomaino Charlotte Dr
ISBN: 9781582703114
Format: HardCover
Publication Date: 01/11/2012
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