Bed & Broccoli

Nikki Medwell is a cook with a conscience. She treats guests at property Bed and Broccoli, to the tastiest, healthiest food available. A committed vegan, her philosophy for cooking is that no animal should suffer. Her mouth-watering recipes have now been lovingly compiled in Bed and Broccoli – the food, the lifestyle, where people of all different culinary levels can create and enjoy.

Whether you have adopted the vegan lifestyle, or just enjoy making good, nutritional food, Bed and Broccoli will inspire and guide you forward. This beautiful hard cover book is filled with rustic farming landscapes and gorgeous, nourishing food, fresh from the earth.

“I hope you will one day be able to experience firsthand the gentle pleasures of Bed and Broccoli, but until then I recommend you try out some of these wonderful recipes as well as get to know some of the beautiful animals (including people!) who call Bed and Broccoli home.”

Greg McFarlane, Director, Vegan Australia


Title: Bed & Broccoli
Publisher: JoJo Publishing
Author: Nikki Medwell
ISBN: 9780987609588
Format: HardCover
Publication Date: 01/07/2015
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