CD: Best of Doreen Virtue, The

This 4-CD set includes: Manifesting with the Angels, Past-Life Regression with the Angels, Karma Releasing, and Healing with the Angels.

Manifesting with the Angels: Doreen guides you through a powerful manifestation session called ‘progression,’ in which you and your angels attract the qualities and experiences of your soul’s highest destiny and intentions.

Past-Life Regression with the Angels: Doreen leads you through a very gentle and deep past-life regression, in which you recall your life’s purpose and answer other key questions.

Karma Releasing: Doreen helps you to release painful conscious and unconscious memories from your past (including past lives) so that you can live free from fears.

Healing with the Angels: Many people report receiving healing and higher self-esteem from listening to this guided meditation in which Doreen invokes Archangel Raphael and other healing angels.


Title: CD: Best of Doreen Virtue, The
Publisher: Hay House
Author: Doreen Virtue
ISBN: 9781401907136
Format: CD
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