Birth Without Violence

A revolutionary look at the way we welcome our children into the world features enlightening information, beneficial instruction, and beautiful imagery. Federick Leboyer, MD graduated from the University of Paris School of Medicine where he served as Chef de Clinique. He is known for his best-selling book Birth Without Violence, on which this new DVD of the same title is based. He currently resides in Switzerland, where he continues to write and conduct seminars. Birth Without Violence is comprised of three unique films on one DVD. The first film, “”Birth Without Violence,”” takes a revolutionary look at the way we welcome our children into the world. “”Shantala: Loving Hands,”” the second film, examines traditional East Indian massage derived from Ayurveda, emphasizing the importance of touch for the newborn. Finally, in the third film “”The Art of Breathing,”” Savitry Nayar Shivalingapa teaches the traditional carnatic chanting connected to Qi Gong and Yoga Prana, accompanied by the tampoura. Suzanne Arms, author & filmmaker, says: “”These films take you into the heart of the mystery of what it means to be born, and how fully conscious and exquisitely sensitive babies are from the start. Leboyer pays homage to both ancient feminine wisdom and the crucial law of the mother-infant relationship in shaping our life and culture.”” “”Leboyer is that rare combination of scientist, mystic, and poet.”” — Newsweek “”Amazing … Birth Without Violence is a sensual experience, visually and verbally, as its poetic prose blends with the pictures like the unfolding of a happy dream … The impact is strong, [Leboyer’s] appeal inviting.”” — Boston Globe”


Title: DVD: Birth Without Violence
Publisher: New Earth Records
Author: Leboyer Frederick M.D
ISBN: 714266330121