CD: Breath Awareness Cd

Attune to the Power of Breathing with Two Guided Meditations * Breathe consistently more freely and deeply * Get the full benefits of relaxation with simple breathing exercises * Step towards freedom with a healthier body and mind The quality and manner of our breathing are important for our wellbeing. When breathing is brought into our consciousness it can have a profound effect on our lives – especially when many of us breathe in a shallow manner from day to day. These two meditations are for attuning to your breath and hence the rhythm of the universe. Breathing consistently more deeply will enhance oxygen uptake, giving more clarity to your thoughts and emotions. Using counting and holding techniques the meditations guide you through simple but powerful breathing exercises. They give you practical and experiential insights into your breathing, granting you the benefits that come from a healthier body and mind. The two meditations have the same narration giving you a choice between a male or female voice. Gentle flowing music is added to aid relaxation. Track 1. Breath Awareness Meditation by Olga Thomas (24 mins) Track 2. Breath Awareness Meditation by James Wild (24 mins) Note from James Wild: This is a simple meditation to follow and very good for those wanting to focus on their breathing during their meditation. The counting and holding techniques start with 4, then 7, then move on to 12. Simple, powerful and effective.


Title: CD: Breath Awareness Cd
Publisher: Quiet Earth
Author: James Wild
Format: CD
Publication Date: 01/06/2012
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