CD: Blessing of the Energy Centres IV: Activation

Each release of the Blessing of the Energy Centers Meditation is an advancement from the previous one. In order to receive the best benefits from this meditation, please start by practicing Volumes 1 – 3 before engaging number 4.

All dis-ease is a lowering of frequency and incoherent messages being sent between your brain and body and within your body’s internal systems, organs, tissues and cells. When your body loses its vital energy, the field around your body shrinks and you become more matter, less energy and your body loses its charge. This mediation was designed to raise the frequency of your body, to unfold and surrender into the Unified Field, and to bring energy and coherence back to you and your body.

Advancing the teaching and engaging you in different techniques, Dr. Joe will now guide you through the practice of attuning and aligning your energy centers all at once, raising your body’s frequency and coherence, and giving you a deeper sense of oneness, wholeness and a healthier feeling you!

1. Explanation (10:55)
2. Meditation (65:08)

Run Time: 76 Minutes


Title: CD: Blessing of the Energy Centres IV: Activation
Publisher: Encephalon
Author: Dr Joe Dispenza
ISBN: 9781944021269
Format: CD
Publication Date: 01/02/2020
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