CD: Unlocking the Secrets of 2012

Did the ancient Mayans predict that the end of time would occur in 212, or is that a modern misunderstanding of their intended message? Respected author and researcher John Major Jenkins goes to the source?the original Mayan calendar found in the city of Izapa?to find the astonishing answers. On Unlocking the Secrets of 212, he reveals that Mayans believed 212 was not an ending, but a central point in the rhythmic succession of human history. The Mayan shamans recorded essential spiritual wisdom for those who are alive at key moments in the cosmic cycle, Jenkins explains. As 212 draws nearer, it becomes more and more important that we understand what they had to teach. On this fascinating audio program, John Major Jenkins invites you to explore the mysteries of the Mayan legacy, including: ?What is the Galactic Alignment of 212? The astronomical phenomenon predicted by the Mayans, and how it will affect us ?Izapa as the origin place of the 212 calendar and the uncorrupted vision of the early Mayan skywatchers ?How the Hero Twins creation story encodes a hidden blueprint for the evolution of human consciousness ?The spiritual practices of the Mayan mystics, featuring a guided breathwork exercise based on their shamanic traditions In the growing interest surrounding the year 212, John Major Jenkins has emerged as the most knowledgeable and trusted expert on ancient Mayan culture and its beliefs. Join him on Unlocking the Secrets of 212 to discover the timeless, perennial wisdom passed down from these extraordinary early astronomers?and why their message is so important to us today.


Title: CD: Unlocking the Secrets of 2012
Publisher: Sounds True
Author: Major Jenkins John
ISBN: AW01179D
Format: CD
Publication Date: 01/06/2012
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