Chakra Mindset Daily Affirmations (OUT OF PRINT)

The Chakra Mindset concept is about creating a life of abundance through self-care, love, gratitude and giving. We encourage you to take some time each day to explore your thoughts and how they affect your reality. Magic happens when you remove your self-imposed boundaries – breathe easy and explore all that this wondrous world has to offer.

Each page of this daily affirmation book is filled with guidance, mantras, and positive thoughts, coupled with beautiful images to inspire you to reflect, take action, and reach your full potential.

Where focus goes energy flows.


Title: Chakra Mindset Daily Affirmations (OUT OF PRINT)
Publisher: Exhale Publishing
Author: Antoniette Gomez
ISBN: 0080687342563
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/04/2015
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