Channel’s Companion, The

From the author of the bestselling book The Light-Worker’s Companion, this book is o ered as a course, a self-initiated workshop that encourages you to become your own teacher of channelling.

This book is a workbook for readers wishing to teach themselves to communicate with the higher realms.
‘As you work through the levels in this book you will train yourself to consciously channel the higher realms. This training is a two-fold process of awakening your own abilities as well as learning how to facilitate healing and transformation in others.’

About the author:
Amanda Guggenheimer is the author of non- ction book, The Light-Worker’s Companion, popular in the new-age and mind, body, spirit market and the teenage metaphysical ction series Tobias and the People of the Sky Realms and Tobias and the Fall of Atlantis.


Title: Channel's Companion, The
Publisher: Arcadia Press
Author: Amanda Guggenheimer
ISBN: 9780987162533
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/03/2017