Cider Vinegar (New Edition)

This best-selling book looks at how cider vinegar may help with troubles such as arthritis, joint pain, gout, diverticulitis and other complaints. It explains how cider vinegar works, who can take it, and how to use the treatment at home.
Topics include:
• a quick reference for symptoms that need medical attention
• what to expect when taking cider vinegar
• cider vinegar and weight loss
• contraindications and warnings for anyone who shouldn’t use cider vinegar
• advice about maintaining effective change for a healthier lifestyle
• a useful section of easy recipes for using cider vinegar as part of drinks and food.


Title: Cider Vinegar (New Edition)
Publisher: Exisle Publishing
Author: Margaret Hills
ISBN: 9781847093134
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/07/2014
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