CD: Courage & Strength Meditation Cd

Create Your Path to a Courageous Life; Strengthened by Goal Setting Courage and greatness are transient feelings ebbing and flowing with the rhythm of our inner life. By understanding this we become conscious of our ability to garner more courage and strength. Focus your skills, with an inspiring journey of adventure Align to an energy of resoluteness; of unwavering solidity and determination. Firmly set goals by putting steps in place to manifest your intentions or desires. But what is courage without a gentle heart? Here you explore heartfelt courage, developing a strength and softness, setting you on a path to spiritual alignment with your nature-self. Both tracks have the same narration giving you a choice of a female or male voice. The compelling music has been specially composed to aid you on your quest. 2 Tracks (62mins) 1. Courage and Strength Meditation by Olga Thomas (31mins) 2. Courage and Strength Meditation by James Wild (31mins)


Title: CD: Courage & Strength Meditation Cd
Publisher: Quiet Earth
Author: James Wild
Format: CD
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