CD: Custodians Of Light 4Cd

A classic live recording of a seminar from Stuart Wilde This seminar is a lively and colourful lecture on how you can tap into and cultivate a custodianship for a renewed life. It brings together a flow of mystical insights and everyday perceptions, giving you the inspiration and training to fulfil your aspirations in this life. This will not only bring you into alignment with your inner power but also help others on their own journey. A terrific live seminar from Stuart Wilde that will take you beyond the ordinary into a life of free flow and simplicity, with some good wholesome morsels of metaphysical insight. CD1: The Higher Self and the Custodians of Light (5 Tracks – 7mins) 1. The early incarnations and higher evolution 2. Evolution of the earth and humanity 3. Custodians and positive & negative energy 4. Inner metaphysical power 5. Q & A CD2: The Subconscious Mind and Money (6 Tracks – 7mins) 1. Thought forms and validating your life 2. Training the mind for peace and wealth 3. Being Immaculate 4. Society and restriction 5. Fluidity and simplicity with money 6. Q & A CD3: Pulling Opportunities Through Free Flow (6 Tracks – 72mins) 1. Free flow, nature and Taoism 2. Becoming a mystical creator and your needs 3. Receiving and giving of yourself 4. Thought forms and pulling energy 5. Free flow and blockage 6. Q & A CD4: Life in the Crystal Cave (3 Tracks – 6mins) 1. Steps to create your life?s dream 2. The outer and inner journeys 3. Q & A ————————————————————————————————— Note from James Wild: This is another in the classic Stuart Wilde series. The Custodians set was the first time I listened to Stuart Wilde so it has a place in my heart. Contains a wealth of information with questions and answers with Stua


Title: CD: Custodians Of Light 4Cd
Publisher: Quiet Earth
Author: Stuart Wilde
Format: CD
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