CD: Developing The Sixth Sense 4Cd

A Classic Live Recording of a Seminar from Stuart Wilde In this modern world our senses are bombarded by countless messages and consequently the sensitivity of our perception has paid a heavy price. The Yin side of our nature – the passive, intuitive faculty that knows itself to be a part of all things, has suffered. So today it has become an act of discipline to reclaim the heritage of our connectedness with nature and our Sixth Sense. You have the Sixth Sense within you. If you develop it and nurture yourself, it unfolds naturally. In this remarkable series Stuart Wilde teaches you how to allow your Sixth Sense to blossom. You will find your powers of inner knowing increase a hundred fold and you will always know what is going on around you – finding yourself in the right place at the right time. CD1: Seven Levels of Communication and the Higher Self (6 Tracks – 71mins) 1. Introduction – truth 2. Level 1 – earth bound spirits, ghosts and haunting 3. Level 2 to 6 – tool communication (astrology, tarot, palmistry), spirit communication, mediums and guides. 4. Shining light within 5. Level 7 – the higher self and the sixth sense 6. Projecting the higher self with Q & A CD2: Establishing a Line of Communication With Your Guide (7 Tracks – 68mins) 1. The nature of your guide 2. The subconscious mind and the dragon, acceptance and 13 years 3. Corralling the mind, comfort and responsibility 4. Meditation 5. Believing in what you see within and nature 6. Affirmations and symbols and the seagull 7. Q & A CD3: The Four Disciplines of the Initiates (6 Tracks – 69mins) 1. Introduction the etheric web, chakras and feelings 2. 1st discipline understanding the physical body 3. 2nd discipline nutrition and acid/alkaline balance 4. 3rd discipline emotional balance 5. 4th discipline balance of self 6. Guided Crystal Cave meditation by Stuart Wilde CD4: Metaphysical Energy and the Power of Self (5 Tracks – 68mins) 1. Books recommended by Stuart Wilde 2. Q & A 3. The power of self and energy 4. Q & A 5. Short meditation by Stuart Wilde —————————————————————————————— Note from James Wild: Fascinating information from Stuart covering a lot of ground in the esoterica/metaphysical realms. This is a recording of a seminar presented in the US many years ago and it’s resurrection as a 4CD set was a real delight for me put together in the studio. I love the Four Disciplines of the Initiates and all the old world metaphysics which has been somewhat lost in this new century. Enjoy!!


Title: CD: Developing The Sixth Sense 4Cd
Publisher: Quiet Earth
Author: Stuart Wilde
Format: CD
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