CD: Dream Gates (8 CD)

What is a dream? Random brain activity? A cartoon projected onto the screen of your mind? Or could your dreams be a portal to another reality—a dimension where the past, present, and future fuse into a secret frontier of unlimited possibilities?

On Dream Gates, master dream explorer Robert Moss shows you how to use actual dreamwork practices and your own innate skills to confidently explore the riches of this infinite realm.

Entering the Gates of Dreamtime

Through a series of near-death experiences in his childhood, Robert Moss first grasped the great keys to dream navigation. What he learned, Moss later discovered, held striking parallels to Iroquois soul journeying, the ancient Greek Asklepian dream-healing arts, aboriginal dreamtime, and shamanic techniques used in native cultures throughout the world.

To the shaman, dreaming is accessible to anyone. It is the true reality that guides every facet of our waking world. Each one of us, says Moss, can invoke this untapped source of healing, spirit guidance, insight, and transport across dimensions.

A Passport to Inner Adventure

Dream Gates takes you through a complete training course for the inner adventurer, where you will learn through guided dream inductions and exercises how to traverse the uncharted expanses of dream reality. What are the keys to conscious dreaming? How can you develop your powers of dream precognition? What are the most effective ways to tap your dreams for insight, creativity, and healing? In this expansive 12-session workshop, you will develop dream skills for embarking on routes to other worlds, tracking down hidden knowledge, and returning with it to waking life.

Albert Einstein once revealed that the inspiration for his theory of relativity came to him in a dream state. Each of us, each night, has within reach this source of unlimited wisdom and vision. Now, you can learn to venture through the portals of your ownDream Gates.

8 CDs (9 hours)


Title: CD: Dream Gates (8 CD)
Publisher: Sounds True
Author: Robert Moss
ISBN: 9781591794899
Format: CD
Publication Date: 01/06/2012
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