Escapist’s Dot-To-Dot, The: Extraordinary Places

Dot-to-dots were a requisite of childhood; a simple puzzle that kept us quiet for a few moments while we excitedly uncovered the scenes within them. It is this philosophy that runs throughout the Escapist series, with each image offering a short sojourn from the stresses of your day, allowing you to slow everything down and lose yourself in those few moments when your focus is devoted solely to satisfyingly watching a picture take form through the lines you draw.Creative, calming and completely addictive, unveil spectacular sights line by line, just by picking up your pencil.


Title: Escapist's Dot-To-Dot, The: Extraordinary Places
Publisher: Harper Collins
Author: Melville-Brown Toby
ISBN: 9780008182069
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/08/2016
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