Feelosophy of Birth: A Journal for Pregnancy

Feelosophy of Birth Pregnancy Journal created by Brooke Martin

“ My first pregnancy and there is so much to adapt to physically, mentally and emotionally, this alongside keeping my life a oat running my wellness businesses has made Feelosophy’s Pregnancy Journal a blessing. I absolutely love all the quotes, gentle reminders, tips and imagery sprinkled throughout the pages keeping me mindful
of how my beliefs and feelings shape my experience of pregnancy and birth. It is now my most enjoyable self-care ritual to sit down in stillness to journal one of life’s magical creations. This journey is not just about me. It is also about my child, what a beautiful opportunity to capture the beginning of our journey together. This journal is a gift to all mothers and is also a gift to the children.” Prudence Proctor

Dimensions: 141mm x 212mm x 23mm

Valuable pregnancy guidance from a qualified and passionate doula.

  • Words of wisdom

  • Practical Pregnancy skills for birth preparation

  • Gratitude pages to remind you of all that you have

  • Weekly inspirational quotes

  • Inspirational Imagery

  • Journaling space to explore your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.


Title: Feelosophy of Birth: A Journal for Pregnancy
Publisher: Morthern Spears
Author: Martin Brooke
ISBN: 9780994573704
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/10/2016
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