CD: Finding and Keeping Love (6 CD)

In the field of relationship psychology, Harville Hendrix has transformed our understanding of what makes us fall in love—and what makes it last. His Imago Relationship therapy, co-created with his wife Helen LaKelly Hunt, is a proven healing process now used by more than 2,000 therapists worldwide. With Finding and Keeping Love, this world-renowned relationship therapist brings you the most important practices and insights from Imago therapy distilled from more than three decades of working with singles, couples, and parents. Whether you’re still looking for that special person or you’re already in a committed relationship, here is a program to help you better understand yourself, your partner, and the vital ingredients for deep and lasting love.The Imago Approach: Understand Love at Its Deepest Level

What causes us to fall in love? Although you may have a conscious idea of the traits you’re attracted to, Harville Hendrix teaches that there is an even more powerful force in the subconscious mind that defines your ideal partner: the “Imago.” This is an image that lives in your deep psyche, created during your childhood from both your happiest and most difficult experiences with your caretakers. To help you develop an awakened approach to relationship, Dr. Hendrix provides you with practical techniques for seeing how your Imago was formed, learning what qualities you truly seek in a mate, and becoming aware of the subconscious forces that ignite the spark of romance.

But what happens when romance wears off? Dr. Hendrix explains that when our idealized projections dissolve and we start to know our partners for who they really are, the relationship enters a “power struggle.” Navigating the turbulent waters of this critical time requires us to learn a new way of communicating, one that he calls “Imago dialogue.” Through step-by-step instruction and guided exercises, Dr. Hendrix teaches you this critical skill for open and honest discourse—where each partner expresses their needs without criticism or negativity—in order to build the foundations for mature, passionate, and unbreakable love.

Our search for love is “our most important human project,” teaches Harville Hendrix. It is through the sweet and sacred power of relationship that we can find true healing, complete the unfinished business of childhood, and return to our natural wholeness. Join this trusted expert on Finding and Keeping Love for a complete home-study course to learn the key insights and skills for building a successful relationship—and to realize the true love you were meant to have.


Title: CD: Finding and Keeping Love (6 CD)
Publisher: Sounds True
Author: Harville Hendrix
ISBN: AF01280D
Format: CD
Publication Date: 01/06/2012
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