Finding Your Soul Mate

In the search for the deepest, most enduring love, we seek our soul mates; those who have shared some of the steps on the spiritual path we are travelling.

In finding someone who shares our spiritual path we are often reminded of the spiritual lessons we have yet to master.

Finding Your Soul Mate details how to identify soul mate relationships and it clarifies the purpose of soul mates.

This books offers a glimpse of how soul mates can help you to pursue your spiritual purpose and it encourages you to examine what you can offer your soul mates. It also asks the question ‘how many soul mates can we expect in a lifetime?’

Finding Your Soul Mate also examines same gender soul mates, what you can do to prepare for your next soul mate love relationship and what choices are offered you when you have mastered the lessons contained within your soul mate relationship. Filled with examples from life, this book examines why we seek soul mate relationships and how we can accept circumstances when we meet a soul mate who is unable to pursue a relationship with us in this lifetime.


Title: Finding Your Soul Mate
Publisher: Academy of Psychic Sciences
Author: Paul Fenton-Smith
ISBN: 9780980717907
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/12/2016
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