Freedom Day Planner 2018

World-renowned author Paulo Coelho has inspired millions with bestselling classics like The Alchemist, The Pilgrimage, and Manuscript Found in Accra, and most recently, Adultery. Now, with this 2018 day planner, the same wisdom that draws readers to his books time and time again can serve as a source of daily inspiration year round. Available in English and Spanish, Freedom will feature moving and revealing quotes by this internationally beloved author. More than your average planner, readers can begin each day with a word of wisdom, receive spiritual food-for-thought as they navigate through their everyday lives, and have Coelho be their guide as they plan and embark on their own travels and personal journeys.


Title: Freedom Day Planner 2018
Publisher: Random House
Author: Paulo Coelho
ISBN: 9780525435075
Format: Calendar
Publication Date: 01/07/2017
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