From Grief to Goddess (no longer available)

I am grief and I will hold your hand and your heart. I will help you explore the depths of your feelings and raise you up again into the light. Acknowledge me and work with me, and you will once again know joy.

The end of my fourteen year relationship could have brought me to my knees had I not known the underlying wisdom that told me our ‘soul contract’ as a couple was done! In my humanness I grieved; in my inner world I worked with my metaphoric stories in meditation to heal my Wounded Woman. From Grief to Goddess is my journey into the grief that comes with separation and the journey to become my own Goddess, flaws and all.

From Grief to Goddess is a raw and real journey that takes Jude Garrecht on a roller coaster of emotions. Jude is open and honest about how she handled her grief, living in solitude, her weight and self-worth issues, setting new goals as a single, middle-aged woman, her internet dating experiences and ultimately her victorious emergence as a Goddess!


Title: From Grief to Goddess (no longer available)
Publisher: Animal Dreaming Publishing
Author: Garrecht Jude
ISBN: 9780992398309
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/02/2014
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