Glass IS Full, The

This book presents an exciting and eye-opening journey like no other. Discover the revolutionary concept of what makes people happy and join Gigi G. as she challenges the age-old saying “the glass is half-full” by saying “The Glass IS Full”, no matter which way you view the glass. This is the simple but extraordinary philosophy behind what Gigi says is the key difference between a truly happy person and everyone else. Gigi says that being happy within ourselves comes down to changing our view of the world to a happy, positive one, and seeing and appreciating the positive attributes in every experience and in everyone around us. Take the journey and discover how remarkably easy it is to change your perspective and be really happy. You can be happy with yourself, happy with others, and happy with your life!


Title: Glass IS Full, The
Publisher: Balboa Press - Australia
Author: Gigi G.
ISBN: 9781452558462
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/08/2013
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