Golden Keys To The Temple of Love, The

This book gives many insights and awareness exercises on how to create more love in our lives. Harsha wrote this with no Astrological references as she wanted to make it available for everyone.

Two exercises from this book can be printed off from Harsha’s Blog: ‘The 5 Physical Senses’ and ‘Living Life to the Maximum’.

Over the last 10 years Harsha Rigney has been researching, formulating and producing her book ‘The Golden Keys to the Temple of Love’. Written from her own life experiences and from the work with her clients, over the 30 years of her counselling practice, she has created this self development book. It takes the reader on a journey of heart discoveries, building a temple of love. ‘The Golden Keys’ is full of exercises and techniques to increase awareness on how we relate to ourselves, to others and to life in general. The objective of these activities is to bring more love into our lives.


Title: Golden Keys To The Temple of Love, The
Publisher: Astrovision
Author: Rigney Harsha
ISBN: 9780473317713
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/12/2017