Gratitude Journal

Did you know it has been discovered that people who take notes of appreciation are more alert and enthusiastic, healthier, less stressed, less depressed and enjoy their quality of their lives more! Explore the possibilities in your life; discover things you may have never noticed. Unlock the joy within you through the simple and powerful force of gratitude! It is this natural and mighty force that immediately brings perspective, changes thought processes and manifests our hearts desires.

This gratitude journal will help you look at your life in a new way. The mere act of journaling your genuine appreciation for the big and small things in your life creates momentum of pure positive energy and helps generate more things/people/ circumstances/situations to be grateful for. Once you begin this cycle of appreciation you will never look back! Begin now. Utilise this innate force within you and create a life you not only love and appreciate but are destined to live.


Title: Gratitude Journal
Publisher: Barker Deane Publishing
Author: Barker Derek
ISBN: 9780980859218
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/06/2015
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