Healing Handbooks: Wicca for Everyday Living – OOP

A veritable one-stop shop for information on all aspects of Wicca today, Wicca for Everyday Living includes Wiccan belief and philosophy, gods and goddesses, herbs and trees important to Wiccans, Wiccan practice, and useful information in the form of glossaries and tables of symbols. It also includes many practical exercises in visualisation, ritual and magic and offers guidance on customs and traditions, including circlework and coven etiquette. Readers will also find useful sections on divination as used in Wiccan practice, including Tarot, Qabbalah, Tree Iore, Runes, Scrying, and Astrology. Wicca for Everyday Living is a comprehensive, illustrated resource for those interested in the fastest-growing religion in the west.


Title: Healing Handbooks: Wicca for Everyday Living - OOP
Publisher: Hachette
Author: Bounty
ISBN: 9780753728512
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/03/2015
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