CD: Heart Chakra Meditations

Healing Your Heart, Healing the World Through Music, Meditation

The transcendental, humming pulse of consciousness can be heard in the center of the fourth chakra: the human body’s heart center. As this chakra is balanced and energized, faith, devotion, and harmony in our relationships unfold.

Now, world-renowned drummer and author Layne Redmond offers Heart Chakra Meditations, two sessions specially recorded to purify the heart chakra, and fine-tune our receptivity for love at the core of our entire being.

On session one, Layne offers you a complete series of pranayama exercises, guided meditations, and a unique shavasana (relaxation) practice to balance and tone the heart chakra. On session two, she presents a masterful chanting practice that blends Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, and Buddhist traditions—the perfect accompaniment to meditation, massage, yoga, or trance work.

Also includes a 20-minute recording of the human heartbeat, a powerful healing sound that opens our hearts and connects us to all of life.

2 CDs (2 hours)


Title: CD: Heart Chakra Meditations
Publisher: Sounds True
Author: Layne Redmond
ISBN: 9781591793502
Format: CD
Publication Date: 01/06/2012
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