CD: Higher Self Cd

Explore Inner Dimensions with Three Extraordinary Meditations These powerful meditations contain the Theta Brainwave Metronome sound and so are ideal if you wish to experience deeper states. On track 1 Stuart discusses how to get real value from your meditations and gives you techniques for expanding contact with your inner worlds. The next three tracks are remarkable guided meditations that show Stuart’s unique and insightful style. Such meditations have helped establish him as a true visionary in a teaching people around the world to access deeper meditative states . 4 Tracks (125mins) 1. Discussion on what is meditation and how you can get the most benefit from your meditations. Includes information on: the meditative state; life as a quest; the subconscious mind; emotions and meditation and the theta rhythm (32mins) 2. Guided Power Meditation: The Horse – fluidity, strength, simplicity (32mins) 3. Guided Spiritual Healing Meditation: The Sword – your power, inner joy, all is made well (31mins) 4. Guided Inner Joy Meditation: The Shield – detachment, perception, concentration (3mins)


Title: CD: Higher Self Cd
Publisher: Quiet Earth
Author: Stuart Wilde
Format: CD
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