How to be a Cowboy

The ultimate guide to becoming a cowboy, packed with exquisite illustrations and fun activities from down on the range A super-cool guide to everything cowboy: it’s perfect for the big kid within you. It contains maps of the cowboys’ favourite stomping grounds, a dress-your-owncowboy section (with cut-out clothes, colonial spurs, woollies, shotguns – for long rides – and batwing chaps), a boot-stitching workshop and instructions for navigating by the stars like a real-life cowboy. And for when you’re ready to become a cowboy, you get to choose your own range name. Beautiful illustrations and fun activities from illustrator Alice Lickens, who was awarded the prestigious Sendak Fellowship in 2012, make this an exquisite gift book to treasure, ideal for aspiring cowboys of all ages.


Title: How to be a Cowboy
Publisher: Harper Collins
Author: Lickens Alice
ISBN: 9781843652410
Format: HardCover
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