I Love Myself – Nurturing the Most Important Relationship in Life

When did we stop loving ourselves? Throughout their lives, women have been told to put others first and to judge themselves based on what others think. Too many women race desperately through life, trying to please others. Author Shivani once lived that life. She became an engineer, but that life didn’t fulfil her. To make matters worse, she was in an unhappy relationship. Despite a successful career and her work as an international keynote speaker, Shivani, like many women, struggled with issues of self-esteem and self-love. During a trip to Nepal, Shivani realised that in order to know happiness, she had to learn to put herself first. Now a successful speaker author and mentor, she seeks to inspire every woman who has endured low self-esteem, abuse, betrayal, and more. Loving yourself is not a selfish act. By investing in your own selfworth, you can become a better mother, partner, grandmother, businesswoman, or employee. By putting yourself first, you can actually help others more effectively and joyfully. Women who truly love themselves are a great benefit and gift to their families, children, employers, and communities. The relationship you have with yourself is the longest and most important relationship you will have in your life. Are you ready to truly let go of your past? Are you ready to truly believe in yourself? Are you ready to evolve into the loving woman you’ve always wanted to be?


Title: I Love Myself - Nurturing the Most Important Relationship in Life
Publisher: Balboa Press - Australia
Author: Shivani
ISBN: 9781452510583
Format: Paperback
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