IC: Angelic Wisdom Oracle

S’Roya’s Angelic Wisdom Oracle offers you heartfelt channelled guidance, assisting you on your day to day spiritual journey. Using these 48 Angelic Wisdom cards will help you to communicate more directly with your Angels, connect with your higherslef, remain open to recieving intuitive thoughts and feeling, through prompts and urges. Be open to their loving heartfelt wisdom. Angelic support is always available to assist you, all you have to do is ask them..! A Truly delightful Everyday Angelic Oracle.

About the Author:
S'Roya Rose is a modern day mystic, a Psychic High Priestess of the Goddess, who has been Reading, holding circles and teaching the esoteric arts for over 18 years. She has published many spiritual self help books and spiritual magazines, having also developed her famous Visionary Tarot and Modern Goddess Oracle.


Title: IC: Angelic Wisdom Oracle
Publisher: 3rd Eye Publishing
Author: S'Roya Rose
ISBN: 9780992312381-1
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/11/2019
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