IC: Sacred Geometry Healing Cards

The Sacred Geometry Healing Cards are a synergy of sacred geometry, animal, plant, frequency and vibration, put together in such a way to help prepare and strengthen you for your transition to the next level of personal healing and awakening.

Sacred geometry is the light language of our universe and the building block of all creation. It is innate within us and as we start to comprehend the meaning, we can bring our knowledge and understanding of it into our everyday life to enhance our healing and ascension processes. We hold the key to all ancient civilisations and the universal blueprint deep within our cellular structure. As more people start to awaken their spiritual selves and their intuition, the answers we are looking for and our deep inner knowing starts to be stimulated. The more we delve into our thoughts, feelings and awareness, we start to awaken more of our cells and ultimately the DNA which lay dormant within our bodies.


Title: IC: Sacred Geometry Healing Cards
Publisher: Animal Dreaming Publishing
Author: Kisvarda Emily
ISBN: 9780994524874
Format: Cards
Publication Date: 01/10/2016
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