CD: IChill Chill Away, Vol. 1

The IChill collection has been inspired by the growing wave of people in search of relief from the effects of modern hectic and stress full lifestyles. Our Chill Out Relaxation Music is the perfect accompaniment to alternative therapies and relaxation techniques. Gentle soothing relaxation music, renowned for its healing and relaxation qualities creating a natural feeling of positive energy and well being. It’s the ideal music for chilling out and relaxation. A fantastic alternative to create a chilled out atmosphere in your home, from holding dinner parties to relaxing in your bath, Health and Beauty Spa, Relaxation Therapy, Yoga sessions or just about anyone who wishes to relax or de-stress or create a warm mellow atmosphere.


Title: CD: IChill Chill Away, Vol. 1
Publisher: River of Light Records
Author: Various
Format: CD
Publication Date: 01/08/2013
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