Inner Goddess Workout, The

We contain a little piece of everything in the universe within us. So when you begin working with external Goddess energies it strengthens that quality within. If you work with the Goddesses you build your Goddess muscle. You glow You radiate confidence. It is a gentle but irresistible strength. It is sensual. Things will surrender to you and things begin to fall into place. Life becomes easier and more opportunities present themselves. This book shows you how to begin a personal relationship with your goddesses and how to begin being a priestess of the Goddesses. This is what the Inner Goddess workout can offer you. Here ends suppression and repression by regaining your personal sovereignty. Rise up – Be Divine.


Title: Inner Goddess Workout, The
Publisher: Happy Medium Publishing Co
Author: She' D'Montford
ISBN: 9781291758382
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/08/2014
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