CD: Introduction to Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

During this Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself Itroductory Lecture, you will be inspired, while you laugh and enjoy learning about yourself, your body, and true human potential. Dr. Joe takes complex scientific information and insights and shares them in a simplistic and allegorical way for you to understand with the intent of empowering you and making a difference in your life!
From metacognition to epigenetics and neuroscience, Dr. Joe explains why change is so hard and what it means to truly change. He shares how your personality creates your personal reality and that your brain is not hardwired to be a certain way the rest of your life. You will also learn some of the principals of Quantum Physics and how you can use the intelligence within you to create a life that you love.

Joe Dispenza – neuroscientist, chiropractor, author and lecturer. Dr. Dispenza has taught neuroscience and the human potential to thousands of people around the world. He empowers you with knowledge and tools to eliminate destructive and every day habits so that you can reach your vision and goals. His creative approach bridges the gap between neuroscience and true human potential. He explains how you can literally rewire you brain to create a new mind and create new results in your life.

A wonderful CD to share with family and friends!

CD Track Titles:
1. Creating Your Future
2. Thinking Greater Than Your Environment
3. Your Personality Creates Your Personal Reality
4. You Are Not Doomed by Your Genetics
5. Our Three Brains – From Thinking to Doing to Being
6. DNA Experiment
7. Demystifying Meditation – The Importance of Mental Rehearsal
8. Your Body is a Protein Producing Machine
9. A Story About Overcoming Cancer
10. Creating in the Quantum Field
11. Two States of Mind: Survival vs. Creation
12. Self-Love – Becoming Free
13. The Intelligence That’s Within You
14. About Dr. Joe Dispenza


Title: CD: Introduction to Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself
Publisher: Encephalon
Author: Dr Joe Dispenza
ISBN: 9780988564411
Format: CD
Publication Date: 01/02/2014
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