CD: Is There Life After Death?

Everybody has wondered what lies beyond this life, but few have investigated this with as much sensitivity and rigor as Elisabeth K?bler-Ross. This first-ever recording of Dr. K?bler-Ross on audio?the pioneer who defined the five steps of grief?tells us what she discovered about the age-old question: Is There Life After Death? Dr. K?bler-Ross spent decades with thousands of dying patients, observing and inquiring with an open mind and a researcher's precision, uncovering many astonishing insights into what all human beings experience when we die. Though she kept much of this stunning research private during her life, you now have a chance to hear her speak directly about: – The ethereal body?Dr. K?bler-Ross's remarkable verification of this transition state between this life and the next – Being welcomed by our loved ones who have gone before us, and how we now have evidence for this extraordinary phenomenon – Encountering teachers, guardian spirits, and religious figures in our journey after death?an experience that occurs in every culture and belief system – What happens to us after we reach the divine light, described by many as the source of unconditional love ]The question of life after death has been pondered in world religions throughout the ages, but now this compassionate scientist sheds a new light on the eternal mystery of the soul's passage beyond this physical existence. Is There Life After Death? is an unprecedented opportunity to hear of one of the most renowned healers of our time, as she speaks to us about the wonder, joy, and hope of the journey that awaits us all.


Title: CD: Is There Life After Death?
Publisher: Sounds True
Author: Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
ISBN: AW00974D
Format: CD
Publication Date: 01/06/2012
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